WUMB December Program Guide

Coming Up on Folk Tales

This month Folk Tales visits the high hollers of Jean Ritchie’s Appalachia; the sophisticated nightclub blues of Josh White, who helped teach folk how to strut its stuff; and the jingle-jangle heyday of the Greenwich Village folk scene––both in the ‘60s and ‘80s, when an odd little project called the Fast Folk Musical Magazine helped create the urban songwriter revival. We’ll end August with Folkways Records, the stubborn little label that recorded Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, and Lead Belly when nobody else dared to––igniting both the revival and the rise of indie music. Along with what really happened when Dylan went electric at Newport; what the Beatles’ first hit had to do with Bing Crosby; and the Dock Boggs song that drew Tim Ericksen to old time music, because he couldn’t figure out if he loved or hated it. He just knew he had to sing it. Hope you can drop by.

~ Scott Alarik

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