WUMB November Program Guide

From the Desk of the Programming Director

Welcome Back!

I’d like to take a second to welcome everybody back to “reality” now that Summer is gone for all intents and purposes.  It was a very busy Summer for us at WUMB for lots of reasons, but the one thing I can assure you is that we have some exciting Events and Programming to share with you.

First off:

Our WUMB Member Concert series is back!  We took the Summer off but our next Concert is on Sunday, September 17th with singer-songwriter Hayes Carll.  This is taking place at ONCE in Somerville and this show as you’re reading this is basically sold out. Keep an ear/eye open as we have more Member Concerts slated for October and beyond.  This is a great perk for supporting the station.  Every Member gets to go for free to these events and every Member can bring a guest.  Again, we’ll be updating this Concert series throughout the year!

We also have an exciting show happening on Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, September 23rd at The Strand in Oak Bluffs.  Special guest Will Dailey will be performing free of charge…for Members AND Non Members.  This is simply a way for us to say “thank you!” to all of our friends on Martha’s Vineyard.
You can just go to our website wumb.org or call us to sign up at 617-287-6900.

Our 3rd Thursday Concert Series at The Burren in Somerville is back in September as well!  Usually we’re on the 3rd Thursday of every month but for September we have a special date of Thursday, September 28th with special guests Say Darling (Celia Woodsmith and Chris Hersch).  So again, these shows take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month at The Burren in Somerville.  WUMB Members get 50% off their ticket.  So not only is this a great event to show your support for WUMB, but it’s the kind of event that gets everyone excited about live music.  Not only do we have these concerts but we also put them on the air….live.  They’re spontaneous and always a blast…so if you can’t join us live in person join us for the live broadcast starting at 6pm.

Local Folk and Downeast Ceilidh are moving on.  I’d like to thank two hosts who have poured so much energy into those shows over the years.  Marcia Palmater has been hosting Downeast forever while Patrick Coman is a fairly new addition over the last four years.  Marcia is retiring after decades at WUMB and Patrick is moving his family to another city.  I’d like to personally thank them for their passion and wish them the best going forward.

So with that, I hope you ease into Fall successfully and I just want to thank you once again for listening and for supporting WUMB.

Jay Moberg
Music and Program Director

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