WUMB July Program Guide

Music, Gifts, and Remembrance

My wife’s mother passed away late in the month of August. It wasn’t a surprise; she battled cancer for 10 years, but when are you ready for a thing like death?

Mary Ann Coppola was a remarkable person. A wife, mother, an auto harp player(!), folk music fan, a public school teacher, a fisherwoman. She and her husband Joe adopted three children and loved animals. Mary Ann was a VW camper van enthusiast, and a moose photographer. She raised a helluva daughter who I love deeply. That barely scratches the surface.

There are gifts and moments to be grateful for, even in the darkest times. In the days since I have returned to my on air shift after nearly two weeks away, music has (once again) saved and soothed me. Not that we need saving. My wife and I are healthy and processing the events of the last month constructively. But grief hollows out something inside you. It’s raw and it hurts to see someone you love raw and hurt. Something needs to fill that space, or to answer it with its own fullness. That’s what love is and that’s what music is. An antidote. A purger of poisonous things. A catharsis.

Music, maybe more so than the other art forms, is intended to be felt. You feel it first, before the other senses kick in; even the sense of hearing. Music finds its way into that part of your heart or soul or spirit (or whatever you want to call it) that hurts, and it helps to heal. We all have different tastes, but we all feel the same things and we all need healing.

I hope the music we play for you helps you, wherever you are and however you are. I have heard from some of you in the past few days. Thank you. It is a real gift to be able to share this every day. I often say on air that we like to “get inside” a song, but what I think really happens is that it gets inside us. That’s how music works its magic; that’s how it moves us, changes us, and gives us what we need. Thank god for it.

~ Brendan

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