WUMB November Program Guide

What’s On My Mind: Tom Rush, Guy Clark, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lyle Lovett, Janis Joplin (Port Arthur), etc…

Thanks to Internet streaming, we do have WUMB listeners extending far beyond our broadcast coverage map. The same goes for WUMB members. Every fundraiser, we get pleasantly surprised by contributions from far and away: Nashville, Tennessee. Placer County, California. Saskatchewan, Canada. SCOTLAND. But these days I think about a place I learned we have at least one member from because of the telephone.

“Hi. I’m a member, calling from Texas.”

It was the day after Guy Clark passed away, while I was filling in on the air. Normally, what would follow in this article would be how he thought I was going into a set for Guy Clark – as I’d just played That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas by Lyle Lovett – that he wanted to make sure I knew that Guy had passed away the day before.

But for now, you say, “Texas,” and my ears fill with, “well it’s flooding down in Texas, allllll of the telephone lines are down…” Apologies to Fenton Robinson, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Larry Davis who’ve all recorded Texas Flood (Larry Davis co-wrote the song).

But for now, I just hope this WUMB listener/member whom I’ve now spoken with on two occasions is OK…as well as his family, friends, and others he cares about.

Let’s send good wishes to all the people dealing with the flooding and all the relief workers and volunteers helping out. May they all do some kayak paddles in a much happier context very soon.

And I hope that as you read this, Hurricane Irma is not wreaking its own havoc and reminding us of other storm-related songs. Take care, Florida…

~ Perry

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