WUMB October Program Guide

Music and Memories

A lot of the formative moments I have with music occur with headphones on. There’s something to be said about getting lost in a song or an album; alone and cocooned away from the world.  You can really get to know something one-on-one that way. Nothing to get in between, no distractions. As a teen, many of these headphone moments occurred for me at this time of year: Fall; the start of a new school year. New anxieties, new ways to get lost. Back then I was always looking for a way to escape. Music gave me that.

I used to do lots of walking, because as a teenager it was my main form of transportation! My Walkman was my best friend, and let’s just say that the ratio of books to cassettes in my school backpack weighed in favor of the cassettes. Dylan, The Beatles, Robert Johnson, and Lead Belly; these were my worlds. I could relate more closely to what those songs were conveying than to what was on pop radio at the time. I’d sleep at night to certain albums thinking the music would soak into my subconscious through osmosis. Maybe it did.

There are still certain songs (entire albums even), that whenever I hear them, I am transported back to very specific times and places. I can still smell, feel, and taste whatever I was experiencing at the time I first connected to those songs. I’m sure someone has done a study of this connection the brain between memory-making and the five senses because I know I’m not the only one.

What are some songs that recall vivid memories for you?

~ Brendan

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