WUMB November Program Guide

New Three-Hour Dixie Bee Line!

Thanks to all my listeners for your great support!   The station heard you, and has extended the Dixie Bee Line to three hours, from 9pm to midnite on Saturdays. Between that and Holly’s Spinning the Blues from 6 o’clock until 9 o’clock, radio is good again on Saturday nights!!   So whether you’re just going out or coming home from something be sure to scan WUMB and you’re gonna hear something good.  I’ve been filling a lot of requests, and I have to say, you guys have come up with some really good ones! I still owe you a few things that I haven’t quite got yet.  I may be slow, but I never forget. We do have the fundraiser again this month, so I’ll be hitting you up for some support and to renew your membership during my show, but I’ll pay you back with some really excellent music I promise.  From the entire hillbilly spectrum, from The dawn of recorded music until 1970, give or take. And a few modern bands as well, if they have a really good vintage sensibility.

Thanks again,

~ Jon

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