WUMB November Program Guide

Become a WUMB Ambassador!

Time and again WUMB listeners, whether they have just discovered the station or listened for years, tell us how much they love the station.  If you have ever phoned in to the station, sent us an email, stopped by the WUMB booth at an event or simply thought you should get around to contacting us but never did, here’s an opportunity to consider: become a WUMB Ambassador.

In your role as an Ambassador you will make a point of talking about the station with friends and neighbors in your community.  As well, you will approach local businesses and music venues that share your interests in music, tell them about the station and ask them to display and distribute information about WUMB.  And then you’ll stop by every so often to replenish promotional supplies.  Another Ambassador service will be to distribute information about the station when you are traveling, so that folk music fans outside of the Boston area can discover our unique programming by streaming the station online.

Here is what one devoted listener did when she and her husband began dividing their time between their home in the Boston area and a retirement home in Maine.  Regretting that she would be less able to volunteer at the station than she had in the past, she decided to try something different in her new community — “spreading the word about WUMB.”  Recently she wrote to us that she had unsuccessfully looked for community bulletin boards where she could display information about streaming WUMB online. But she had talked with people about the station and wondered if we could provide her with information cards.  She explained, “I have told many people about WUMB, but I’m sure they forget the name by the time they get home to look it up.”  One day while browsing in the local bookstore she heard Dylan playing in the background, approached the manager and asked if he knew about WUMB.  When he replied that he didn’t, she suggested that they consider streaming the station.  She later learned that her recommendation had been enthusiastically embraced: “The employees were sick to death of the repetition.  WUMB was a perfect fit.”

The WUMB Ambassador project has grown out of many stories like this one. We are now in the process of designing a package of promotional materials specifically tailored for Ambassadors which will include a flyer with WUMB history and current information as well as a membership form, and promotional items such as pens, bookmarks, key rings, etc., all stamped with the WUMB logo. We hope very soon to have Ambassadors distributing these packages wherever there might be interest in folk music and the radio station.

If this way of sharing your appreciation for WUMB resonates with you, please consider becoming a WUMB Ambassador.  Send an email to carol.darcy@umb.org and let us know how you would like to help.  And thank you!

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