WUMB November Program Guide

From the Desk of the Programming Director

Thank you!

The proverbial dust has cleared from our Fall Fundraiser and I sit here at my desk at WUMB completely humbled by what I witnessed over the last two weeks.  I would personally like to take this moment to thank each person that made a contribution or simply listened and stuck with us during the Fundraiser.  I am just floored by the amount of support WUMB received in a time where much of the country can’t agree on the color of the sky, had just witnessed horrific natural disasters, and more.  I don’t have exact totals in front of me at the moment but this little radio station nestled in the basement of the Healy Library in the University of Massachusetts Boston just received more support than we ever have in the past 35 years of the station’s history.

This kind of commitment reaffirms our message here at WUMB.  You’ve allowed us to stay commercial-free in the midst of a Boston radio landscape that has changed and will continue to change in the next couple of years.  Having come from Commercial Radio, I will only double down on the importance of stations like WUMB across the country.

We promise that we will continue to do our best going forward.  We’ll continue to work harder on featuring bigger and better Member events, as well as striving to find the best in Folk, Roots and all the great music that makes up WUMB.

Thank you once again for your support of this station…we simply couldn’t do it without you!

~ Jay Moberg
WUMB Music and Programming Director

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