WUMB November Program Guide

Fundraising, From The Other Side Of The Mic 

Our fall fundraiser has come and gone and you probably heard – we met our most ambitious goal yet, and ahead of schedule! I’ve run into many listeners who were thrilled to be part of such a successful drive and a few who said they had a lot of enjoyable moments listening to us raise money!

It’s probably obvious that WE have fun when we do these fund drives. Two hosts get to work together to talk music, to talk WUMB, and that can create some really unique moments for both hosts and listeners.

There’s a different kind of energy that goes into these on-air shifts. Raising money is thrilling but exhausting, and I think it’s hard to convey that to someone who hasn’t experienced it. I often compare it to a roller coaster.

Of course it’s quite exhilarating to open the mic, ask for the listener to open their wallet and then see the phone calls and online pledges pour in. But even in an incredibly successful drive, there are hours or shifts where you feel like nobody is listening or hearing the message. The phone goes dead and you wonder – “what can we say?”

Then you try to pull something else authentic out of yourself or out of your co-host… some message or feeling or musical tidbit. You think of all sorts of different ways to say essentially the same thing. Sometimes the message comes out eloquently and other times – not so much! But there’s a major effort there, in what may look (and sound) pretty effortless to an outsider.

The effort is on both sides, of course. The station truly is a group effort and over 1,600 listeners did their part this time around. We thank you!

~ Jess

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