WUMB November Program Guide

Giving Thanks and Family Connections

My family, both immediate and a few branches out, never spread very far away. For the most part we’ve all remained a nucleus set up in and around New England, and even then we’re primarily in Massachusetts. It just worked out that way. This is a great place to work and live, and while some of us have roamed, home for most of us remains within an hour’s drive of each other. It’s nice to know we’re growing generations here.

Thanksgiving has rarely presented (or represented) the travel and logistics nightmare that it does for so many. The scurrying about, climbing into cars, packing onto planes, waiting in line, sitting in traffic never applied to me. I’m lucky, sure, but I sometimes feel as though I’m missing out on some important rite of passage.

It is a unique vantage point to have; watching the overnight shuffle and swapping of populations of people. Thanksgiving is a homecoming and a return to one’s roots. The past awaits and wants to shake your hand! It likely will remind you why you left in the first place. For a couple days and nights, though, you are its guest and a tribute must be made; be it homemade cranberry sauce or the last wisp of your patience.

Blood, chosen, adopted, extended, complicated, estranged and gone. We’ve all got family and we’ve all got stories. The “Family Connection” feature on The Morning Show explores the dynamics of family relations in music. Throughout November we’ll explore the homecomings and reunifying of family bands and collaborations, the ones that held up and the ones that didn’t, every Wednesday at 8 AM.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Brendan

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