WUMB November Program Guide

Great Music This Month on Celtic Twilight!

There’s so much great music coming up on Celtic Twilight this month! On November 5 we honor the Clancy Brothers, who left a great legacy in Irish music. They were the first folk group to include theatrics in their stage performances, including poetry and witty banter, which seemed spontaneous but really was a deliberate setup for each song. Liam Clancy said that they crafted their performance like a Eugene O’Neill play. Bob Dylan, who was their opening act in Greenwich Village in the 60’s, called Liam Clancy the greatest ballad singer ever!

On November 12 we will explore the music of the British folk rock pioneer bands that dominated UK folk music in the 70’s and early 80’s: Steeleye Span, Pentangle and Fairport Convention. They introduced mixing rock and jazz elements with traditional folk, producing fresh, unique sounds.

On November 19 Mick Moloney is our featured artist. Musicologist, musician, founder of Cherish the Ladies and Green Fields of America, he has for decades been in the forefront of Irish-American music.

And finally, on November 26 we’ll celebrate the birthday of Irish-American singer Cathie Ryan, one-time singer with Cherish the Ladies and now a solo artist.

~ Gail

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