WUMB April Program Guide

Diving Deep on the Dixie Bee Line!

For some reason, I’ve taken a notion to go deep-catalog this December.  I mean REAL deep catalog… meaning, obscure stuff from the archives… odd-ball hillbilly music from the span of the 20th century.  On the 9th I’ll have a special set of “girl singers”… that’s not pejorative!  That’s just what they were called back when.  And the majority of the recording artists were male, to be sure.  You’ll get to hear some from Ann Jones, reputedly the first woman leader of a Western Swing band, back around 1950, which was just at the tail end of Western Swing’s heyday.  Of course, a lot of those artists tried to adapt to the rock’n’roll phenomenon, with varying degrees of success.  But really, I suspect it was the jukebox that put the final knife in the dance hall scene… any bar could have the latest hits.  Interesting times.  We will take a light-hearted appreciation of that era’s music… warts and all… some funny, some corny (alright, a lot corny), some hot picking, some politically incorrect (but not TOO incorrect).  And the “Umpteenth Annual Hillbilly Christmas” special on the 23rd… It’ll be fun!  Radio is good on Saturday nights, what with Holly Spinning the Blues from 6 – 9pm, and The Dixie Bee Line from 9pm onwards.  Requests/questions/etc, please email me!!  jon.gersh@umb.edu.  See you?

~ Jon

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