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Ready for the Next Third Thursday Experience….

I’m a little embarrassed about how I know of our December “Third Thursday at the Burren” performers. Then again, they are sure to be happy that I am enthusiastic about them just the same.

While I had heard of The Brothers McCann and seen videos of them singing backstage with Martin Sexton, I did not hear them in person until May of 2015. It was at the House of Blues in Boston. And the Brothers McCann were opening for Martin Sexton. I went to the show with a friend of mine and his wife. My friend is a long time fan of Martin’s since his days on Eastern Front Records. That basically means he’s been a fan of Martin’s since about the beginning.

We got together for a bite to eat before the show. Which is fine, but I usually like to get to the concert before it starts. Yes, even for the opening band. I was interested enough in the Brothers to want to check them out. But you know how it is. You don’t want to seem unhip and say, “come on, let’s get there for the opener,” especially if you don’t often have the chance to see these friends. You don’t want to rush them. So we get to the House of Blues ticket booth during the Brothers’ last few songs. The enthusiasm we hear from their fans is palpable as I try not to be too obvious with my “let’s go, let’s go” pacing. Finally we get into the theatre, catching the Brothers’ last song or so.

Martin Sexton comes on and puts on a typically phenomenal performance. Part of what makes the show so special is that on a few songs, the Brothers McCann come out and sing three-part harmony behind Martin. “The American,” “My Maria,” “Diner,” maybe more. And I’m pretty sure the encore was “Black Sheep.”

Oh…my…goodness. Incredible. Fabulous. Those voices weave and intertwine so beautifully.

So yes, I’m a little embarrassed that my experience of The Brothers McCann is seeing them perform behind another artist. And while that was over two years ago, I am enthusiastically ready for the full Brothers McCann experience.

Join WUMB for The Brothers McCann at our next Third Thursday at The Burren show on December 21st. We’ll broadcast live starting at 6pm, with the concert starting at 7:30. While we will broadcast the concert, there is nothing like being there in person. And WUMB members get in for half price.

Hope to see or hear you there.

~ Perry

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