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December Member Benefits

The Members Corner

The Gift of Membership
Thank you to everyone for supporting us this past year! We are all very grateful for your generous contributions, and we look forward to serving you next year.

Still looking for a gift this Holiday Season?
Why not give a year’s Membership to WUMB as a gift to someone you love? Go to http://wumb.org and click on the “donate now” button. Or call our Membership Office at 617-287-6902. We greatly appreciate your support! Read More…

A “Thank You” and a Pledge from Highway 61

Hard to believe it’s November already, and before we get to this month’s Highway 61 features a thousand and one thanks to all who pledged/donated/contributed to WUMB via H61 the past two weekends!! As usual, we look forward to keeping up our end of the deal and continue to maintain AND improve upon our H61 weekends…with that in mind… Read More…

Giving Thanks and Family Connections

My family, both immediate and a few branches out, never spread very far away. For the most part we’ve all remained a nucleus set up in and around New England, and even then we’re primarily in Massachusetts. It just worked out that way. This is a great place to work and live, and while some of us have roamed, home for most of us remains within an hour’s drive of each other. It’s nice to know we’re growing generations here. Read More…

Fundraising, From The Other Side Of The Mic 

Our fall fundraiser has come and gone and you probably heard – we met our most ambitious goal yet, and ahead of schedule! I’ve run into many listeners who were thrilled to be part of such a successful drive and a few who said they had a lot of enjoyable moments listening to us raise money! Read More…

Folk Tales Looks at Legends

Folk Tales is peeking behind the legends this month. November 4, it’s an artist whose music is more famous than he is, the guy Bono calls “the Quincy Jones of Irish music,” Donal Lunny. November 11, a genius whose life was even larger than his legend, bluesman-preacher, Reverend Gary Davis, who revolutionized the folk guitar. November 18, it’s another guitar legend, the beloved Appalachian picker Doc Watson. Read More…

Great Music This Month on Celtic Twilight!

There’s so much great music coming up on Celtic Twilight this month! On November 5 we honor the Clancy Brothers, who left a great legacy in Irish music. They were the first folk group to include theatrics in their stage performances, including poetry and witty banter, which seemed spontaneous but really was a deliberate setup for each song. Liam Clancy said that they crafted their performance like a Eugene O’Neill play. Bob Dylan, who was their opening act in Greenwich Village in the 60’s, called Liam Clancy the greatest ballad singer ever! Read More…

From the Desk of the Programming Director

Thank you!

The proverbial dust has cleared from our Fall Fundraiser and I sit here at my desk at WUMB completely humbled by what I witnessed over the last two weeks.  I would personally like to take this moment to thank each person that made a contribution or simply listened and stuck with us during the Fundraiser.  I am just floored by the amount of support WUMB received in a time where much of the country can’t agree on the color of the sky, had just witnessed horrific natural disasters, and more.  I don’t have exact totals in front of me at the moment but this little radio station nestled in the basement of the Healy Library in the University of Massachusetts Boston just received more support than we ever have in the past 35 years of the station’s history. Read More…

Become a WUMB Ambassador!

Time and again WUMB listeners, whether they have just discovered the station or listened for years, tell us how much they love the station.  If you have ever phoned in to the station, sent us an email, stopped by the WUMB booth at an event or simply thought you should get around to contacting us but never did, here’s an opportunity to consider: become a WUMB Ambassador. Read More…

November Member Benefits

The Members Corner

Matching Gifts
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Fall Member Drive!
I would like to remind all of our Members that you can increase the value of your gift via Matching Funds. It’s a very easy process. Simply ask your personnel department if they have a Matching Gift Program. If so, ask for a form, fill it out, and send it to us. It’s a very easy way that may double the value of your gift! Read More…

November Programming Highlights

Acoustic Sunrise
11/5 – Tons of Birthdays! Lyle Lovett, KD Lang, Joni Mitchell, Ryan Adams and more!
11/12 – We say Happy 72nd Birthday to Neil Young!
11/19 – A birthday tribute to the late Jeff Buckley and more
11/26 – A special Bill Morrissey Tribute Read More…