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Well, There Goes January….

Can you feel those New Year’s resolutions slipping away?  I thought of that the other day while I walked to the subway, the hamstring muscles in my legs feeling morning soreness – as if to remind me that this is the year I will use the winter time to get into better shape for spring and summer.  Right!  Right??  Sigh.  There’s still time…

Maybe our success in meeting these objectives is hurt by our calling them “New Year’s resolutions.”  You know, rather than taking action on something as it comes along when nobody’s looking.  Do I have an example?  Funny you should ask!

I’ve been told at least twice by someone of a time he took an out-of-town friend to see a band that plays once a week at a small pub in Porter Square, Cambridge.  They’re kind of a Boston all-star band.  And they shred.  They’ve got chops.  They’ve got heart & soul.  From Folk to Country to Rock, they shred.  The out-of-towner asks with jaw open, “you mean to tell me you can see this band in this small room every week (for no cover)??”  The other guy shrugs and says, “yup.”  And in a recent Program Guide I wrote of two ex-Bostonians who lamented, “I miss the Boston music scene!!”

Between these stories and a number of terrific shows I’ve seen by Boston area bands in the last year or two, I realize how spoiled we are by the musicians in Greater Boston and New England.  Since Patrick Coman moved recently, I’ve felt a growing sense of how they need a place to grow.  And an idea started to germinate in me: how about bringing back Patrick’s old show, Local Folk?  I asked about it in December.  We launch on February 11th.  The show will be Sundays from 7-8pm.

It’s almost like completing a New Year’s resolution.

Here’s what I’ve got planned so far:

2/11:  The return of Local Folk!  I’ll feature a few of my picks for “Best of 2017” local albums.  And into the future – something new from Samantha Farrell.

2/18:  A look recent projects of former Treat Her Right singer/guitarist David Champagne.

2/25:  More of the best of the Greater Boston and New England music scene…present, past, and future.


More tradition.  Beyond faltering with New Year’s resolutions, it seems I traditionally forget songs and albums from my “Top 10” list.  Somehow, I left off the following:

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit – The Nashville Sound, and Hurray For The Riff Raff – The Navigator.

My apologies…


Finally, congrats to Albert O on his 35 years broadcasting in Boston radio.  I have an Albert story to add:

I was working weeknights 7-Midnight at another Boston radio station.  After my shift I would de-compress for a half hour or so.  Then I’d do some production.  So when I went home it would often be after 2am.  And often, I would listen to Albert O on WBCN.  He was doing the 2-6am then.  By the time I moved to Boston, the ‘BCN heyday was long gone.  To be truthful, I did not like a lot of the music they were playing.  But Albert always told interesting things about the bands.   I would sit through music I wasn’t crazy about because I knew he would come up with something more compelling for me than the music itself.  Eventually I sent him a fan e-mail.  I was still pretty new in the Boston radio market.  So I was a little surprised that he replied.  I mentioned something about how I also like to connect the links between songs, musicians, etc.  Albert replied along the lines of “we’re a disappearing breed on the airwaves.”  He made me feel like I belonged doing this.  Thanks for the encouragement, Albert.

Happy 35.

~ Perry

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