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Breakfast With The Beatles March Is On!

Thanks to everyone who sent along well wishes to us since the debut of Breakfast With The Beatles on February 10th on WUMB. The response has been fantastic, especially on the show’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

We have been on the air at WUMB for only three weeks and we already held our first BWTB event! In honor of three “Rain, A Tribute To The Beatles” performances at the Boch Center, we had a pre-show party for listeners at the Jacob Wirth Restaurant in Boston’s Theater District. Lots of listeners came and hung out before the show. We gave away original Beatles vinyl records as prizes, and we brought ten listeners backstage to meet the band before they hit the stage. It was a fun night for sure! Check out the backstage photo on our Facebook page!

I also had the pleasure of introducing two of the three Rain performances that weekend at The Boch Center. I have known the members of Rain for well over ten years; others would agree with me when I say they honor and pay tribute to The Beatles like no one else. I always seem to emcee for the boys when they are in town too, which is fun!

In March on Breakfast With The Beatles we will celebrate the anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ Please Please Me album. A multi-million seller that only took one day to record.

In March 1970 the Let It Be album was released, and it was the end of the road for us Beatles fans. We’ll play the original rooftop recordings this month!

But, we also go into the solo Beatles catalogue on BWTB. The Concert For Bangladesh film was released in March, 1972. I remember seeing it at a theater in downtown Boston. We will feature the three-record box set in March as well.

If you want to communicate with the show, you are certainly welcome to:

Email, BreakfastWithTheBeatles909@gmail.com
On Twitter, @chachibeatles
Facebook, www.facebook.com/BreakfastWithTheBeatlesChaChi

~ ChaChi


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