WUMB November Program Guide

Hillbilly Fever on the Dixie Bee Line

Hillbilly Fever is the name of a song covered by everyone in the 50’s, and even the 60’s… from Stingbean (of Hee Haw fame) to the Little Jimmie Dickens (who had a decent hit with it), and various and sundry hillbilly and rockabilly groups. Well, it IS a feeling! And I try to capture some of that for you each and every Saturday night on the Dixie Bee Line. You might ask, what IS the Dixie Bee Line? Well, it’s a road! US Highway 41 ran from Chicago to Florida, and right through some of the moon-shining-est country in America. The car chases on this road were legendary, and in fact, some of the roots of modern day NASCAR racing. As Uncle Dave Macon put it in the song “The Dixie Bee Line” around 1930…

“Went to the mountains to get some booze,
A Henry Ford car is the one I’d choose!
Officers got right on me, I say,
I pulled her wide open and made my getaway!
On the Dixie, the Dixie Bee Line!
Gonna rise and shine, stay up to time, when I ride in that Henry of mine!”

We don’t white-wash the 20th century on the show, but examine it, warts and all. Please join me this month, as I unearth many uncommon troves of this distinct vintage American art form. I know we have our fund-raiser this month, naturally I’d love to hear from you then! I promise to keep the great music coming all through it. We’ll have Kitty Wells, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Snow, Bob Wills, Johnny Horton, George Jones, and a lot more you might not have heard of! Early Western Swing, back from the 30’s when Western Swing was cleaved from Jazz (yes, Jazz! The growth of the “swing” aspect was concurrent with the rise of big-band swing). Groups like Pappy O’Daniel and the Hillbilly Boys. Pappy O’Daniel was the governor of Texas, and he used his Western Swing outfit on the stump. Go figure! The world might be a better place today if politicians still carried a good band with them.

Well, enough rambling. See you Saturday??


~ Jon G.

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