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Of Holidays and Music Fandom…

Having just gotten past Valentine’s Day, it’s very easy to be cynical about holidays…especially the ones that are not necessary all that “holy.” One can imagine a panel of town officials and merchandisers gathering in conference to say, “we need to make an excuse for people to spend money on non-essentials, an excuse that they themselves will enforce annually by social custom.” But perhaps on the other side of that cynical viewpoint, maybe some townspeople and merchants once got together to say, “so many people are far from their original homes, or are simply so busy with life’s obligations that they are separated from their siblings, parents and extended family. Perhaps we can create a custom to help them re-connect periodically.” I know that as I get older, that is what holidays mean for me more than anything – an excuse to see my family from far away, and be glad that they are still here. With Passover and Easter approaching, I hope that is a part of those holidays for you, too.

OK, and also an excuse to eat matzoh brie and macaroons, or hunt for colored eggs on a hopefully warm spring morning.

Now on to music, and the return of Local Folk.

In case you missed it, I have taken on the mantle of Local Folk, now on Sunday nights from 7 to 8pm. I am enjoying remembering past icons of the Boston and New England music scene, as well as hearing what is behind many of the names we see every week in the concert and club listings. In the past year or so, I’ve gotten to meet a music fan who has taken it to the next level. His name is Al. More than supporting musicians by attending their shows, etc, in the past few years Al has himself put on shows by musicians he is excited about. How does that happen? There must be some inspiring point that set this in motion. I have heard Al say on more than one occasion now that the inspiration was seeing Ali McGuirk performing live. That certainly got my curiosity up about her. Sometime last year, Ali put out an EP. Her debut full length album came out late in 2017. I’ll sample some of the album with you on the first Local Folk of March. That would be Sunday night March 4th, from 7 to 8pm.

Otherwise, I have some wonderfully authentic sounding acoustic music from Boston and Holden, MA in the One Dime Band and the Marshall Pass that I look forward to sharing. And in the coming weeks it is just going to be too much fun exploring the many musical guises of Dinty Child, musical connections from Rusty Belle (Amherst, MA) to the Suitcase Junket, and perhaps a surprise in the Bill Janovitz line. If I were to tell you more, that would ruin the surprise.

So check it out: Sunday nights from 7-8pm (because Sunday nights from 7-8am would just be weird). I hope you will be as excited listening as I am putting the show together. I encourage you to look up information on the bands that grab you. And if you like the show, please consider supporting it with a modest donation during our upcoming Spring Fundraiser. Local Folk, Sunday nights from 7-8pm.

~ Perry

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