WUMB May Program Guide

Deep Catalog Hillbilly

Greetings!!  There will be some good times on Saturday nights throughout April, to be sure.  Some obscure old (and some new) hillbilly and honky tonk and western swing, bluegrass, old-timey, etc., music.  So we’ll take a little deeper look at what’s coming out of Louisiana on the 7th… Gal Holliday from New Orleans, an unlikely looking Honky Tonk belter-outer of songs, really good!  And definitely some from the Joel Savoy cabal out in Lafayette, along with Courtney Granger, these guys are putting together quite an ear-ful.  Real old-school honky tonk.  AND they just came out with an album in tribute to the late Jimmy C Newman, the cajun/country token from the Grand Ole Opry; it came out really good!  Look for his “Alligator Man” on You Tube, and you’ll see what I mean.  We’ll keep on pickin’ away at the new OLD Eddie Adcock “Vintage Banjo Jam”, holy cow, this guy could pick.  And lots of other stuff that is sure to intrigue you!

On the 14th we’ll start out in the 1920’s, some of the really earliest recorded music with King Oliver, the New Orleans patron saint, who knew he did popular songs that crossed over into country?  An odd-ball “beer party” from around 1930, corny as all get-out!  We’ll also take an unvarnished look at hillbilly romance of the 20th century, and get this, river drowning songs… self drownings!  Note to self:  stay away from the river if you’re in a folk song, especially if you’re with a man named “Willie.”  On the 21st (during the New England Folk Festival, down in Mansfield Mass) we’ll start with Paul Geremia, the Rhode Island blues man now laid low by a stroke, but he was really tops.  No special features this week, but lots and lots of deep catalog hillbilly, and especially western swing from the 30’s and 40’s.  Plus country music from the Carter Family, to Hank Snow, to Kitty Wells, Little Jimmie Dickens, all the way to the Steeldrivers, Steve Earle, and Bill Kirchen.  We’ll end up the month with more of ALL of that.  Radio is good again on Saturday nights.  Tune in for Holly’s blues show, and stay for the Dixie Bee Line.  I’d love to have you!


~ Jon G.

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