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Heather Maloney Opens Up a Big Ol’ Can of John Hiatt On Us

Last month in these electronic pages, I wrote about how Holidays are like a cultural rationale for us to reconnect with our families.  A new song from Heather Maloney called “Let Me Stay” sounds to me like much of the adult holiday experience.  Listening to it the other day, it felt like Heather opened up a big ol’ can of…John Hiatt on me.

You fans of wrestling’s Stone Cold Steve Austin thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you?  That’s OK.  Let me explain.

For me, John Hiatt has been one of the best songwriters at making me wonder, “how did he know that about me?”  Or, “was he there behind a flowerpot observing my reactions?”  On many of his songs, it’s like Mr. Hiatt has somehow snuck a microwave pin into my brain matter to gain windows to my past experiences.

Heather Maloney has done the same thing with her song “Let Me Stay.”  Lines about seeing her old room and her brother’s old room – presumably in the house they grew up in – shot flashbacks into my head of when the house I grew up in was being torn down…and my sister’s roofless room suddenly looked so small.  If your parents are sick or elderly and you don’t get to see them very often, the line “another holiday ends, another tearful embrace” might make you have to re-compose yourself.  Six words that say so much and more.

Such is the skill…and impact…of the songwriter.

“Let Me Stay” is on Heather Maloney’s new EP Just Enough Sun.


Local Folk notes:

Sunday nights from 7-8pm I host Local Folk, playing artists from the greater Boston and New England music scenes – past and present.

We start the month with songs for getting away from it all in order to figure it all out, plus we’ll get ready for the release of the new album by Carla Ryder with the Blue Ribbons.

And just before Patriots’ Day/Marathon Monday, we’ll feature some songs of searching for lofty ideals on the personal level.

Remember that I hope to introduce or even re-introduce you to some of the many talented artists brewing right here in our area.  So if a band you hear on Local Folk grabs your soul by the ears, send me an e-mail if you need the artist or song names, etc.  You can reach me at Perry.Persoff@umb.edu.

Thanks for reading this, thanks for listening, and thanks for being a part of us at WUMB.

~ Perry Persoff

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