WUMB November Program Guide

Cigareets, Whuskey, and Wild Women

Greetings, earthlings!  So this month I’ve conjured up a couple of interesting themes with some new material to go along with them, at least for the first couple of weeks of May!  On the first Saturday, May 5th, we’re going to sprinkle tobacco all over the Dixie Bee Line… a wide swath of smoking, tobacco, nicotine, etc.  America’s relationship to tobacco was MUCH different in the 20th century, as you’ll be quickly reminded.  The next week, May 12th, we’re going to look at series on hillbillies who tried to rock.  Yes, the 50’s were a tough decade for country & western and western swing.  Certainly many western swing bands fell by the wayside.  But that didn’t mean they didn’t try to pander to the rock ‘n’ roll generation.  Let me tell you, some of their attempts were pretty darn funny.  And some were pretty good!  Marty Robbins could rock.  So could Patsy Cline.  Bob Wills, Pee Wee King, not so much.

As for the rest of the month, it’ll be some good hillbilly fare.  I did make a trip down to Nashville in April, and I have lots of new material to show for it.  I’m hopeless in Nashville.  No sooner did I rent a car than I was over at Phonoluxe on Nolensville Road (I used to live there, so I know my way around!), spending $$$ on CDs.  You will like!!  I’ll share them as we process them into the WUMB computer banks, a somewhat slow and tedious process, but there will definitely be some interesting shows.  Oh yes, I hit up The Great Escape, McKays, and the Country Music Hall of Fame gift shoppe.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum had a feature on Loretta Lynn, with lots of great artifacts, instruments, photos, and outfits.  But not one wig!  I was disappointed, I was hoping to see one.  If you’ve ever watched any re-runs of the old Wilburn Brothers TV show from the 70’s there was LOTS of Loretta, and that was great.  But sometimes her wigs made it really hard not to crack up.  I mean, really!  Like some sort of weird animal on her head.  But I digress.

Please join me any Saturday night from 9PM to Midnight right after Holly Spins the Blues.  It’s fun.

See you?

~ Jon

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