WUMB December Program Guide

Dylan Devotee

It’s probably no secret to those who know me and/or listen to the Morning Show that I am a big fan of Bob Dylan’s music. The sound, the poetry, the attitude and mystery are foundational stuff for me. By that I mean, as far as I’m concerned, all roads run to and from Bob Dylan. His music serves as the hub to the spokes and wheel that is the whole of American music. So every May, around his birthday, I get excited to help plan special programming related to his music and legacy. 

On Dylan’s birthday this year WUMB will devote the entirety of individual hours in each day-part – morning, midday, afternoon, and evening – to his music. Tune in Thursday May 24th, Dylan’s 77th birthday, to hear songs showcasing the breadth of his influence, what has informed his own style, and of course music from the man himself.

~ Brendan

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