WUMB November Program Guide

Signs of Life Returning…

…and less fear of the heating bill!

Is it starting to happen? I think it’s starting to happen. Nearly each day of the last week or two, the human species (at least the human species as we know it in New England) is showing signs like an opening flower bulb: sailboats are appearing on the Charles River; little kids playing baseball have sprouted up on ballfields; buzzing human activity around live musicians and ice cream has returned to town squares during the day and the evening. And I myself…have taken the brazen step of removing my snow shovel and snow broom from the back seat of my car.

I think that Spring is here. Or at least that Winter has finally been kicked or coerced out the door.

Sing it with me now, “it’s the time of the season”…for warmth. Certain songs and titles are transforming from mere printed names to reflections of experiences where you can feel the environment. “Down By the Lake” by The Wolff Sisters. John Hiatt’s “Lipstick Sunset.” “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” by Joni Mitchell. Can’t you just smell those “Orange Blossoms” (JJ Grey & Mofro)? So as we replace our jackets with light fleeces and windbreakers, let’s sing some songs of springtime to help celebrate not living in (as much) fear of the heating bill.


I don’t know if it’s got anything to do with the re-emergence of warmth in our daily lives, but there was a re-emergence of some longtime local bands around the first weekend of May. Eilen Jewell returned for some solo shows and a reunion of the Sacred Shakers. On Friday May 4th Harvard Square looked like “Old Home Weekend” within a hundred feet or so, with Lake Street Dive performing at the Sinclair and Jim’s Big Ego (featuring Jim Infantino) re-materializing at Club Passim. I still think of myself as a newbie here – even though turned 21 in Boston on May 1st. But at the Big Ego show I realized that I’ve been here long enough to feel nostalgic at a “Boston local band” show. Good news for you Jim’s Big Ego fans. After the show Jim Infantino told me that he’d like to get back into recording and playing music live more often. Otherwise, he has written a new book. Check his website for details.



May 6: Music from the Merrimack Valley from Peter & Sam Linnane and Frank Morey.
May 13: Mother’s Day! Music from some mom’s who put music aside for a few years to raise the kids: Lisa Bastoni, Kerri Powers, and Rose Polenzani; Super Music-Mom Lori McKenna.
And if all goes as planned…music and conversation with Say Darling (Celia Woodsmith & Chris Hersch)!
May 20: Segueway-ready night music from Dominique Eade & Ran Blake (voice and piano), who were once student and teacher at the New England Music Conservatory. They’ve released a new album.
May 27: The many guises of Girls, Guns, & Glory and the band members.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. Thanks for caring.

~ Perry

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