WUMB April Program Guide

Mixing It Up

To me, editions of Guest Mix – where a musician comes in studio at WUMB and chooses the songs for an hour – are great when that guest DJ gets personal. As a host or listener I want to hear about why, when, and how a person has connected with a song that matters to them. Sharing that personal connection with music with others is how the love of songs is spread. As music fans we all can resonate with the magic of being moved by music. 

And one never knows where an hour of Guest Mix is going. Even if I have a list of songs in advance, I don’t know why the guest DJ picked them until they speak about it on mic. That’s the best part of the show! It could be a song you’ve heard before or something newly discovered; a genre of music you’re not typically drawn to, or an artist whose name you’ve never heard. All is equal on Guest Mix because it’s the stories behind the songs that count.

This Saturday, 6/8, we welcome singer/songwriter Ana Egge to pick an hour’s worth of songs that were formative, impactful and influential to her. (I’ll admit I sneaked a peak at her list already. It starts with blues musician J.B. Lenoir and runs from Randy Newman to Ann Peebles…)

Join Ana Egge for her edition of Guest Mix, Saturday 6/8 at 1 PM!

~ Brendan

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