WUMB May Program Guide

Summer Festival Season in Full Swing!

Made a “Bee Line” down to North Carolina for the Mount Airy Fiddler’s convention this past month, what a nice festival!  But it was wet, let me tell you something.  Turns out that Western NC has been getting pelted with rain for weeks and weeks, and the festival was not spared entirely.  I mean, tents were floating around.  But somehow that didn’t stop us all from jamming in the fields, but finding a place to put your cases down was a bit of a challenge.  That festival is in the home of the original “Mayberry” of Andy Griffith fame; a somewhat depressed southern city that clings to its birthright of Mayberry and makes itself a very pleasant place.  I think the best thing about that festival in particular is that the bluegrassers and the old-timers co-exist so nicely.  And the local folk come out to watch the stage show in their lawn chairs, and flat-foot dance on an old flat-bed trailer, it’s really quite charming.  Old school.  What festivals have you been to?  Email me and tell me, please!  jon.gersh@umb.edu.

As for music on Saturday nights, well, I’m digging deep into the vaults this month.  It’s hard to even narrow down to a particular description, it’s the pan-hillbilly spectrum.  So within the basic framework of “vintage American Hillbilly music from around 1920 to about 1970” it’s ALL over the map.  Oh sure, I’ll throw in a few modern (read: living) artists who have that old sensibility… but it will move you.  That’s how I know if music is good… if my feet spontaneously start moving.  Music is a full-body experience, or should be, in my opinion.  Please join me any Saturday night from 9pm to midnight, right after Holly Spins the Blues, and we’ll have some fun, of that you can be certain.  Happy June!!

~ Jon G.

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