WUMB April Program Guide

TOYS, TOYS, TOYS, We Love Our Toys…We Need Our Toys!

We grow out of many things on the way from childhood to being adults. But not the desire for toys. Sure, our toys change as we get older. But they are in many ways essentially toys for “big kids.” Can you say “50-inch curved flat screen 4K UHDTV (that’s Ultra High Definition Television to you and me) with built-in streaming capability?” Or “Smart phone with all the games and web surfing capability that’s also a powerful mini-computer in the palm of your hand?” I knew you could (apologies to Mr. Rogers…).

Then there’s always the latest in electronic audio/video products.

I am not immune to the seductive powers of toys. A couple months back I finally cut the cable TV cord. I bought a streaming stick for $40. Once I finished the sign-ups and creating new passwords that I’ll never remember, a new world emerged through my TV. Forgotten old TV shows. Movies. Dynamic features on music studios and other music history!! And this was before I chose a primary television service – one which for $40 a month includes Boston sports and all the baseball gluttony I can absorb (I am a huge Baseball fan)! All at a savings of about $60 a month from the old cable/internet package. Oh, the units of time I spent learning this new toy. Let’s just say lots, especially when I first got it.

As I said, I am not immune to the seductive powers of toys.

Every few months I go down the rabbit hole of a favorite TV show from when I was 9 years old. I would go on the computer and seep in all the information I could find about it, watch videos, etc. Now…I can do all that on my TV. The actual shows. Videos of rare trailers or interviews. It’s all there. One of those phases has me in its grip at this time.

How have I gotten out of my recliner??

And there lies the rub. There is so much cool stuff on TV between even minimal streaming options. But you can’t do anything else at the same time. Even if you are streaming the stuff to your smart phone, you can’t so much as walk from the kitchen to the bathroom and watch the phone screen at the same time (without likelihood of minor injury). The classic alternative is that you can listen to music – and audio in general – while getting things done away from the recliner. Put on some dynamic music…perhaps from WUMB or a CD of an artist you learned of from WUMB…and sort your laundry, sweep the floor, or take a walk in the non-winter air at the same time. Or just put on WUMB to revel in the adventure of what you might hear next or what different twist you’ll get about a song from the host.

Oh wait. I just thought of something that kind of torpedoes my whole theory.

Over the last two weeks as I write this, we have had many artists dropping into the studio for music and conversation. I got to chat with Twisted Pine. Randi interviewed Ana Egge. Albert caught up with Mark Erelli. In the middle of June, Amy Kucharik will be in studio with me for Local Folk (Sunday nights from 7-8pm…). When I’m listening to these conversations I can’t do anything else at the same time, be it a chore or more enjoyable activity. I feel the need to put everything else aside and listen.

Oh boy…another dilemma. And one that takes way less $$ per month to support than my new TV deal.

~ Perry Persoff

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