WUMB November Program Guide

Happy Summer & July All, From Albert O!!

You probably remember a few weeks back we broadcast a full four hours (!) of back-to-back versions of songs written in the 60’s & 70’s on H61 Revisited, and the response/input was so overwhelming (thank you!!), that we’ll probably air a couple more, I’m thinking this September and early next year, so…if out of the blue, an example crops up randomly, don’t hesitate to e-mail that suggestion at albert.o@wumb.org

A random question that occurred to me the other day to pose as well: since we started re-broadcasting H61 Revisited on Sunday evenings, do you find yourself (esp. in the summer) listening less on Saturday mornings and more on Sunday evenings, or have your H61 listening habits remained the same? Curious to hear the results…

Wrapping up…as always, thanks for listening, to H61 and we’ll ‘talk’ again next month.

~ Albert O

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