WUMB November Program Guide

Music Unites Us All….

At the risk of oversimplifying (and perhaps stating the obvious), it seems to me that we here in the States have let ourselves become somewhat unaware of the world around us, particularly when it comes to music. The extraordinary breadth and richness of the variety of musical traditions and creative energy coming from everywhere is a never ending source of amazement and pleasure for those who care to listen.

If there is a current tendency to shrink from this connection we share with all of humanity in the expression of the most human of human endeavors, playing and listening to music, it is, it seems to me, counter to our best instincts. It’s my hope that searching out and playing on the air the best of what we can find from around our small planet will dispel a little of the fog that separates us from each other – the old dog about music being the universal language is worth repeating, as it really is, in a very deep sense, true.

~ Dana

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