WUMB December Program Guide

Myth and Mystery from Folk Tales

You might call July “Myth Month” at the Folk Tales corral. July 14, we dig into Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads Blues,” and the eerie myth that he sold his soul to the Devil. On the 21st, the most famous folksinger you’ve never heard of, Derroll Adams, a minor player in the folk revival––so why did Donovan write songs about him? And on the 28th, the remarkable saga of the festival that started it all, decades before Newport––the National Folk Festival, a story full of twists, mysteries and surprising cameos by Zora Neale Hurston, W.C. Handy, and J. Edgar Hoover. Wait, what?

Thanks for all your support and kind words during our June Fundraiser. They mean a lot, and they’re why we’re all able to “Carry it on.”

~ Scott Alarik

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