WUMB October Program Guide

1969 – The End of the Beginning, or The End of the Innocence?

One Year at a Time takes a listen to 1969, stopping off in Woodstock, and traveling down south to sample the work of Duane Allman, up to the Dakotas for the eternal Peggy Lee, and finally out to San Francisco, to hear an influence on Led Zeppelin‘s first album that went uncredited for decades.  1969 held so much promise, and left a melancholy stamp on much of the pop charts.  We’ll also answer the question, can two top singing groups combine forces and come up with a hit – or do they cancel each other out?  Electric guitars scream, and soulful singers preach, on our next edition – a time capsule from 1969.  I’m Tai Irwin, hoping you’ll join me.

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