WUMB October Program Guide

A Deep Well of Buck

It’s festival season in full swing!  Hardly a weekend goes by without some great live music… and radio, if you’re around!  One thing’s for sure, you won’t hear too many of the artists on the Dixie Bee Line at a festival any more!  But they did, and we visit lots of the old bands this month on Saturday nights from 9 to Midnight, right after Holly Spins the Blues.  I guess it must be sort of in reaction to the festival season that there will 20% more old time and bluegrass this month.  Give or take!  Doc Watson played bluegrass too, but it was when his son, the late Merle Watson played the fire out of the five string, well, that’s good stuff.  So we’ll listen to some of that.  Larry Sparks with a live version of “Blue Kentucky Blue”, and Mac Wiseman, naturally.  If you’ve ever listened to the Dixie Bee Line, you’ve heard Mac Wiseman.  Curiously, he’s a classically educated musician and I guess that helped his range, which is awesome, but you don’t get “heart” in school!  He played and sang Country Music.  And I capitalize the letters C and M because it’s vintage country… he doesn’t draw any lines, he will blur the lines between bluegrass, honky tonk, classic C&W, and wow, the voice.  He’s still kicking!  At 96!  Still a really big man.  In many ways.

We’ll also have the usual meat and potatoes B-label Hillbilly fare… Little Jimmie Dickens, George & Earl, Gene O’Quin, to name a few.  A really silly ditty that will crawl in your ear (sorry!) about “Pepper Pickin’ Time.”  You can’t not listen to it, I mean, it’s like an audio car crash.  No, not really!  But definitely will be offset by the very best singer-songwriter of all time, Hank Williams, Sr. (1923-1953), a bunch of Ray Price, Merle Travis, Marty Robbins, Ernest Tubb, Carl Smith.  I was just at a small music festival up in Vermont: “Old Time On the Onion,” near Montpelier, and we sang a lot of good old country music.  It was fun!  You’ll see, we’ll play lots of fun stuff every Saturday night 9PM to midnite.  Please join me!


~ Jon G

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