WUMB October Program Guide

Business As Usual

For the record: I love summer. I love hot weather. I love the humidity. I intensely dislike air conditioning, snow, and ice…unless it’s floating in a glass of yellow Chartreuse. Green Chartreuse should always be served neat.

Having said that, summer vacations are very nostalgic, long ago thing for me. The memories mostly involve going down the Cape; eating sandy peanut butter (no jelly) sandwiches; staying up late; and walking on white pavement to avoid burning my bare feet. When I started working summer jobs at 12, the summer vacation thing started to slowly fade. Then, as an adult, once I started working in media, I got used to working when everyone else has time off. Even though I may not be having the typical summer or going on vacation, I am very much enjoying the long days and leaving the house without a coat.

The rest of my summer will be business as usual. Business as usual means consuming as much music as possible wherever I can…listening at my desk, putting it on in the background when I get home, or plugging my headphones in while I ride the T. It’s kind of funny now to think about how convenient and amazing I thought my fat cassette Walkman was, enabling me to listen to music on the go. Now, I can listen to anything I want, anywhere I want without fear of losing the signal on a much smaller device. I love that I can stream WUMB from my desk, down the stairs, on my way to the red line, basically wherever I want from Tune In or wumb.org.

Things I’ve been streaming in addition to WUMB:
JayhawksBackroads and Abandoned Motels: I really like hearing Gary Louris’s take on his own stuff that he’s written for other people.
Cowboy JunkiesAll That Reckoning: Another solid album – although, they’re a very consistent band in general. There’s something comforting about knowing you can rely on them for a good album.

I’m still really liking the new Dawes album, Passwords. Taylor Goldsmith can write a good break up album but he’s clearly good at doing a “come together” album as well. Love suits him!

For August, I’m really excited about the Cordovas, That Santa Fe Channel. In 2004, I worked with Joe Firstman when he had his first solo album. He was getting so much buzz, and then, he just disappeared. I had always wondered what happened but I’m glad he’s back singing again. Amos Lee’s new album, My New Moon, will be on August 31st. While I can’t wait to hear it, I really don’t want to wish the month away.

Stay cool and enjoy the last of your summer vacation for me!

~ Michelle

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