WUMB November Program Guide

Banjos and Fiddles, Oh My!

September is my favorite month.  Not just because it’s my birthday month (though it is) but because of the 38th Annual Lowell Banjo & Fiddle Contest.  This is the last event in the Lowell Summer Music Series, and has been for ages.  It’s the Saturday AFTER Labor Day, 9/8, as always, at Boarding House Park in Downtown Lowell.  I hope you’ll come!  I’m emceeing the event, not that that should bias me (but it does) — note this is a part of New England music history.  Bring a lawn chair, 12 – 5pm.  Raindate across the street in the High School.  It’s fun. 

As for the Dixie Bee Line, well, I spend quite a while each week putting together a cool playlist for you.  I like them, and hopefully that is infectious!  I try, anyway.  So we’ll have some 20’s vintage jazz and tin pan alley, 30’s vintage western swing, 40’s vintage western swing, 50’s vintage western swing (you get the idea), early and corny 20th century hillbilly, C&W (country and western, that is), Sixties country, e.g., George Jones, Merle Haggard, and more.

But that is nothing unusual.  I admit, I generally draw the line around 1970… except, of course, for newer artists who “get” it.   I’ll try to come up with some interesting themes to tempt you further!  But as it stands, this is some fun stuff that could be lost forever if not for WUMB.  I’ve noticed a lot of radio seems to sound alike to me.  This is different.  Please join me every Saturday from 9pm to Midnite, right after Holly Spins the Blues…


~ Jon G.

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