WUMB November Program Guide

Blues Camp Who’s Who, Part Two

I’m looking forward to spending time with you at our WUMB Blues Music Camp in September! As Music Director for the camp I thought you might be interested in learning a little about each instructor, and why I think they’ll be great teachers.

Toni Lynn Washington: For my money there is not a better blues and R&B singer in the country than Toni Lynn Washington. She’s old school in all the best ways. As a singer Toni Lynn knows how to get inside a song with feeling, and how to get what she needs from her (sometimes 10-piece!) band. As a performer she can lay you out with a slow blues or get you shaking it out on the dance floor. And Toni Lynn has been doing it for decades, having grown up in the Baptist church of South Carolina. She’s shared time on stage with the likes of Sam and Dave and Jackie Wilson, and did USO tours of Asia in the 60s. If blues vocal can be taught, it’s best done so by example. Toni Lynn Washington is one of the greatest there is.

Bob Halperin: Bob Halperin is a masterful blues guitar player, particularly in the Piedmont style of Rev. Gary Davis. Bob has been studying the music since his pre-teen days and is a veteran of the Cambridge and Portsmouth, NH folk/blues scenes; nurturing other musicians as a longtime open mic host and offering private lessons for years. I took several of Bob’s classes at this year’s Winter Acoustic Music Weekend and got a ton out of each, including a Rev. Gary Davis lick that I had heard for years but never was able to figure out. He is a patient man and knows his stuff. Thanks, Bob!

Kerri Powers: Kerri Powers was raised in a blue collar New England, keep-your-head-down-and-do-good-work family, adhering to her father’s adage that “empty barrels make the most noise.” For a couple of decades Kerri has steadfastly done what my favorite musicians do: synthesize deep influences into her own sound without losing her roots. And she has the chops to back it up! Kerri is one of my favorite finger-picking, howling, slide guitar-playing blues-influenced songwriters. There’s gonna be a lot to learn from her at camp!

Daniel Fox: For 18 years Daniel Fox has been teaching audio production to teens at a non-profit in East Boston called Zumix. Their mission is to build community through music and creative technology, so I knew Daniel would be right at home among the line-up of instructors at our Blues camp. He’ll be on-hand offering classes on the use of microphones, DIs, PAs, mixing boards and anything else you may need while on a stage. Daniel is very passionate about what he does and will help de-mystify the tools we need to create our sound for an audience.

~ Brendan

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