WUMB November Program Guide

From The Desk of the Programming Director

Thanks, Perry!

I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to Perry Persoff for all he’s done for WUMB. After September Perry will be setting sail back to the West Coast permanently. Truth be told I’ve been working with Perry for many years. Before coming to WUMB I first met Perry at my first job in radio.

Here’s what many of you might not know:  Most “DJ’s” in the commercial world typically end up grizzled veterans with a sizable chip on their shoulder. Most turn down the music when it’s being played. Most look for the easiest way of getting into and getting out of a break. Not Perry. When I first met Perry he was one of the few who actually still cared what he was playing and what he was saying. Perry wasn’t looking for the simplest or most formulaic way of communicating. Instead, he tried to insert personal stories and actually tried to share the music as opposed to just playing it. It’s what separated Perry from everyone else. You could just tell by being around him how deeply passionate he was about music.

Fast forward to when I arrived at WUMB and needed a new host. I knew just who to call….

And with that, Perry’s been on the air here at WUMB ever since, where he’s been a terrific fit. Perry is the first person to volunteer for a project and more often than not, the last one out of the building. I’d like to just take this quick moment and say “thank you” for all Perry has done for WUMB. I know I speak for everyone at the station when I say, “Best of luck!”

Perry will remain with us throughout the month of September, so please take a moment and tell him how you feel.

I hope you enjoyed your Summer, and we have a TON going on for the month of September, so keep listening and checking in on the website to see what’s coming up!


~ Jay Moberg
  WUMB Music & Programming Director

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