WUMB November Program Guide

Golden Brown Texture Like Sun

Summer’s winding down. Even if I wasn’t looking at a calendar, I can just feel it – the slight drop in temperature in the morning, the dip in humidity at night. For some people, the seasonal transition signals back to school or back to a regular work routine. For me, it indicates I need to get serious about plotting my annual escape to a snow-free place in January or February, preferably one with coastal sage or Manuka trees. Regardless of the subtle temperature shifts, it’s still technically summer until September 21. I’ll just keep wearing my sandals and enjoying all the summer music until further notice.

In general, August tends to be a quiet time for new releases. However, it seemed like every time I rummaged through a bin at the station, I found something really cool. Here are some of the new things I’m digging from August:

Amanda ShiresTo The Sunset: It reminds me of late ‘70s Olivia Newton John. Also, I am so into the fact that she used the scraps of unused lyrics in her garden compost.

HoundmouthThe Golden Age: Like a lot of other artists in recent memory, they did a complete 360 on their sound, especially after Katie Toupin left. Instead of the alt-country Americana thing, they’ve moved more towards being a psychedelic rock band. Highly recommended if you like The Doors, the new Decemberists album, or Tame Impala.

Great Lake SwimmersThe Waves, The Wake: I still can’t figure out if they spend a lot of time in Lake Ontario or they’re just very proficient in fresh water. This mystery is what makes me love them…but I also love them because they sound like an ethereal Dawes. This record was recorded in the famous Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church in London, ON and it has a real celestial quality about it.

Shemekia CopelandAmerica’s Child: Laura Veirs recently said that she felt like people really look to artists to help them understand what’s going on during tumultuous times (paraphrasing). Shemekia’s new album definitely does that with the help of John Prine, Rhiannon Giddens, and so many more of her friends. It’s required listening. End of story. Plus, the little girl on the cover is SO CUTE.

Based on the September album release list, I’m not sure there will be enough time in the month to get through all the new music. There’s new albums from 4 Pauls: McCartney, Simon, Carrack, and Saint with the Broken Bones; unreleased Tom Petty; Willie Nelson covering Frank Sinatra; the first self-produced album from Richard Thompson…and that’s just a handful of what’s on the way. We have lots to look forward to before our Blues Music Camp starts on September 28.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and the start of your Fall!

~ Michelle

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