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September In The Rain

Whenever September returns I am immediately reminded of one of the Beatles early recordings, so early that our friend Mr. Pete Best is featured on drums. It’s called “September In The Rain,” recorded on January 1, 1962. You can just about bet on that recording being played sometime this month on Breakfast With The Beatles.

But there are so many anniversaries this month in Beatle history and that history will be reflected in our Breakfast With The Beatles shows in September.

The Beatles’ ground breaking album Revolver reached #1 on the Billboard Music Charts in September 1966! It was a new sound, something we had never heard before from the four mop tops. Revolver marks the beginning of yet another adventure with The Beatles as they set upon a new horizon with a deliberate attempt to get more color into their music.

The White Album sessions were in full steam ahead mode this week back in 1968. Prepare for the 50th anniversary release of The White Album on Capitol Records later this year.

The Beatles “She Loves You” was released on Swan Records on Sept 15th, 1963, after Capitol Records refused to release the track. We have an original copy on vinyl that we’ll play this month on the show, scratches ‘n all!

Only a year later The Beatles performed at the Boston Garden on Sept 12th, 1964.

The Beatles cartoons changed Saturday mornings for millions of American kids on the show’s debut on ABC-TV, September 25th 1965.

Linda McCartney was born on Sept 24th 1942; we’ll take a look back at Paul’s muse and inspiration for many of his most beloved songs, and play some of them for you!

So, September 2018 is here, fifty-plus years after the Summer Of Love. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

~ ChaChi

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