WUMB June Program Guide

South America Over the Airwaves…

I’d like to start this time by thanking all the people who continue to listen to live radio in an environment where computer driven data is the majority of what’s on the air and on the web. As in “oh you like that, here’s some more of the same..” It’s marketing as applied to musical tastes- logical as far as it goes, and certainly good for selling things, but maybe in the longer run is depriving many of us of the challenge of hearing unfamiliar music, and perhaps by extension unfamiliar cultures. Don’t misunderstand, I’ve certainly heard some wonderful stuff I wouldn’t have known was out there through computer selected playlists, but having actual people curating has its advantages, too!

We’ll be wandering about in South America in September, starting in Argentina, where the tango scene is continually morphing into new and potent shapes. Born on the streets and slums of the big cities, it has a vitality singular in the world, from the raw early recordings from the first part of the 20th century, to Astor Piazzolla’s breathtakingly complex and alive reimagining of what was once simply dance music, to hip hop suffused electronica.

From there we’ll steadily move westward and northward to the plains and onward into the Andes, where the traditional musical styles seem to reflect the sunlight in the thin air and achingly beautiful mountains. Simple and powerful, it’s been watered down in popular interpretations to sound somewhat saccharine and bland, but the real stuff is a revelation, at its best opening a window into the cultures of some of the highest places in the world.

~ Dana

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