WUMB November Program Guide

Farewell for now…

“San Diego Serenade” by Tom Waits is one of those great songs that takes the expression, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” and gives it a gut feeling. Funny, I used to think of that song from the perspective of California…from where I came from. Now after 21 years in Boston, the tables are turned. Two years after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, I found myself walking along Boylston Street in Boston thinking that if you’ve been here more than a few years, you can’t wash this town out of your skin. Now in the last few days I’ve found myself looking at various places in the area and thinking…I’m going to miss this place.

In case you have not heard, I have made the decision to head back home to California. The reason centers around family. As I write this, it is my mother’s birthday. My dad’s birthday was a couple of months ago. They are both at a good advanced age (and for some reason, they won’t stop aging). They are doing tolerably well physically and are fine mentally. But how long will the window stay open for me to be around for them and to do things with them? I’ve also missed a number of family gatherings at their place. Sometimes when I call and talk to everybody at one of those, I sigh and wish I was there. Of course, now that I am saying my farewells to friends, I am missing them down the road already. So this must be why I have not been able to pull the trigger easily! In the case of, say, my pick-up softball group of 15 years, this shouldn’t be unexpected.

What has surprised me has been the reaction of many area musicians. I’ve really enjoyed my seven months of hosting Local Folk on Sunday nights at 7. It’s been great having musicians come in to play live. It’s been great to be in contact with them about their music. I’m a fanboy inside, so that’s been a privilege. But now that I’ve put the word out about the move, a number of musicians have described me as being an important part of the Boston music community. Aww…shucks, Ma! Having had much respect over the years for the Boston music community and being a newer arrival to it…well, I consider that a pretty huge compliment. I hope I deserve it. I hope that I’ve been of help to the musicians. I hope that many of you have heard some of the musicians I’ve had enthusiasm for and further explored their songs and their shows.

You know what else surprised me? Getting pneumonia. Awful stuff! I was down for two solid weeks with it. I am alllmost over it. And I never EVER want it again. The only good thing to come of it? Because of dealing with it, I postponed my departure time for California. My last Local Folk will be on October 14th. Maybe I will see you for the October 18th 3rd Thursday at The Burren with Amy Fairchild (remember that WUMB members get in for half price).

At the same time, I’ve had this fantasy of introducing various Boston/New England area musicians at some beautiful little venues I know of where I’ll be moving. So if any of them travel out west…I’ll try to make that happen. Wouldn’t that be a great way to spread the word about the great Boston area music scene? You never know, you know? Sure you do.

I want to thank you, the WUMB listening audience, for accepting me into the fold and letting me grow here. I know I had a few hiccups early on. But I’ve always liked that WUMB listeners are knowledgeable and want more flavor and less dilution in their music radio. Funny, so do I. And so, I hope you/we will continue to support better music radio…by continuing to support WUMB with whatever donations you are comfortable with. You know what I always say: a station like this does not happen without you. So thanks again.

Finally, I want to thank Jay Moberg for gently prying a window of opportunity open for me about nine years ago (this is before he was Programming Director). I remember talking to him on the phone for about 20 minutes one time while I was “between gigs” as they say, about what I was liking about the station. Jay and I had worked together before. Not long after this conversation, I was a volunteer co-pitching on the air during a WUMB fundraiser. Three fundraisers later, I was offered a try-out on the air. And now it’s seven years later. You never know sometimes, you know? Sure you do.

Thanks for your kind words. Be well. I hope to make a couple visits back here a year – because Boston’s not the kind of town you can just wash out of your skin.

We’ll see you down the road,

~ Perry

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