WUMB November Program Guide

Must Be the Season of the Witch

For as much as I love summer, I will tip my hat to October. It’s cool enough to get cozy but not so cold that you need to think too much about what you’re wearing before you leave the house.

Beyond the reasonable weather, October is prime holiday season with Halloween sitting on the 31st. The veil is the thinnest; you become something you’re not for a night; and eat loads of treats. Also, there’s seemingly a lot less stress associated with Halloween vs. the later season festivities. Ultimately, though, the best part of Halloween is sitting on my stoop with a huge basket of snacks, handing out chips, candy, chocolate, and cookies to people saying, “Trick or Treat!”

Another a good thing about October? All the new music releases! September was a solid month for new music and – there are too many to list in this space – but here are few that are in my personal current rotation:

Alejandro EscovedoThe Crossing: Reminds me a bit of the Rome project (Jack White, Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones, Danger Mouse), most likely because of the Italian rock band
Ruston KellyDying Star: Gorgeous & Introspective
Richard Thompson13 Rivers: Some of the production on it is very onomatopoetic, which I am sure was intentional

Those will be enough to keep me busy until the new albums by Cat Power, Gregory Alan Isakov, Elvis Costello, and Will Oldham drop later this month.

Until then, enjoy your October!

~ Michelle



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