WUMB November Program Guide


…November 25th,1968 when The Beatles’ self-titled album otherwise known as The White Album was released in the United States of America!

In honor of this momentous occasion and as a thank-you to all who pledged a commitment during our WUMB Fall Fundraiser, you are invited to our White Album Anniversary Party at The Hard Rock Café in Boston on the very day that The White Album was released back in 1968!

If you aren’t a WUMB member and you want to go to the party, then become a member today for as low as $6 a month and you’re in! Just go to wumb.org, and don’t forget to RSVP online to get on our guest list.

I remember the day I bought The White Album at Discount Records in Harvard Square, and just like the Sgt. Pepper album it blew us away. But it astounded us in a much different way than Sgt. Pepper. From the colorful Pepper album cover to the plain white album cover of The White Album. From the layered sounds of Pepper to the pared down straight ahead rock of The White Album. But this double album gem from The Beatles went even further than that! The songs crossed musical genres. From rock to country, to heavy metal, to the experimental sounds of “Revolution #9.” It was an album of plenty, plenty of great music!

We had never seen anything like it before from The Fab Four! But isn’t that what The Beatles did to us from the moment they hit the States?

Come celebrate The White Album with us! Our special guest will be Beatles film archivist Erik Taros showing rare and unseen Beatles films. We’ll listen to the newly released and remastered White Album. We’ll have prizes to giveaway including Beatles vinyl courtesy of Cheap Thrills Music and More of Dedham. Plus, we’ll be at The Hard Rock where you’ll see lots of Beatles memorabilia on the walls! All on the very day The White Album was released in the U.S.A.

Come on, Come on…Come on is such a joy!

~ ChaChi

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