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Aha!  You’re reading the Dixie Bee Line blog, so you must realize I mean George Jones.  😀  I still collect music obsessively, and even though most of my heroes are long gone, I still find things that really turn me on.  This is the case with George Jones.  I mean, I have some early George, but this album contains material from his early days, and I swear I just didn’t know George!  This is a compilation album called Just One More, The Legend Begins.  He’s belting out stuff like you’ve never heard!  When Pappy Daily joined up with Starday in the early 50’s, and started his long association with George Jones, well, he was a young man.  And sang like one!  It also includes some of George’s mid-50’s work under the pseudonym of “Thumper Jones”.  It’s good!!  I haven’t ripped this CD in at the station yet, but I’ll start spinning the CD as soon as possible, you will like this stuff!  I’ll try to hit on this all month.

Another thing which might seem trivial, but impressed the heck out of me, was Bill Monroe’s “Blue Moon of Kentucky”.  Well, all my life I recalled it being a very distinctive and unusual bluegrass song.  I mean, it starts in 3/4 (waltz) time, and then changes to 4/4 (regular) time in the middle.  A very compelling way to present this song, indeed, it’s very famous.  But my loyal listener Stephen from Cape Cod pointed out that this song started as ALL waltz time until Elvis himself recorded it in the faster mode, THEN Bill Monroe changed it up to the 3/4 and 4/4 combination.  So I dug up the old original Bill Monroe version, and sure enough, it was all waltz time!  Stephen remembers learning the song this way… yes, he’s dating himself!  I’ll try to present this evolution of “Blue Moon of Kentucky” soon, I think it’s very interesting.  But I would think that, wouldn’t I?  I’ll even try to dig up Elvis’ version.

Can’t wait to share more of my vast collection of obscure hillbilly music with you, thanks for listening, and special thanks to everyone who came through on the fundraiser last month, even though it was baseball heaven, there you were.  My listeners are the best, I’m not kidding.  See you Saturday!

With love,

~ Jon G. 
p.s. Write to me!  jon.gersh@umb.edu

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