WUMB August Program Guide

Deep Catalog Hillbilly

The winter doldrums are upon us!  I will use that as an excuse to go spelunking in the deep section of my hillbilly collection and bring you some really cool stuff that simply hasn’t been heard on the radio lately, if ever.  Hopefully some of you had a chance to catch the “Hillbilly Christmas” show last month, that was especially fun.  And all of you who joined WUMB or renewed your membership, THANK YOU!  It really means a lot to me to know there’s people out there who appreciate quirky 20th-century hillbilly music.

So as I said, this month you’ll hear a full spectrum of hillbilly styles from across the 20th century, but I’m definitely throwing in some stuff you won’t know, I’m pretty sure.  I definitely have some listeners who surprise me with phone calls and emails telling me really interesting stories or details behind some of the songs I play that I didn’t know; you guys are the greatest.  So you’ll definitely hear some stuff you may know, songs like Bob Wills “Across the Alley from the Alamo.”  Some of those lyrics are really nutty, but the melodies are so compelling.  Like the Navajo who washes his beans in dish detergent.  What’s up with that??  Literally: “washin’ their frijoles in Duz and Lux.”  Then there’s Hank, Sr., I’ll play a bunch of his, too, and covers by other people.  The “Singing Waterfall” is a great song of his, but seldom heard.  Same with “Setting the Woods on Fire.”  We’ll have lots of vintage C&W and western swing too, in addition to the old-timey and bluegrass.  It’s fun.  I have fun with it, and I am hoping you will, too.  How could you not ??

Well, Happy New Year, everyone!  Listen to plenty of music this year, that’s an easy resolution.  Radio is good on Saturday nights on WUMB; please let your friends know to tune in also.


~ Jon G.

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