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When the Bells All Ring and the Horns All Blow

Time can be a weird concept. In December, when I was talking about all the new music coming out in early 2019, it seemed like 2019 was another galaxy far, far away. Now that it’s officially 2019 and I’m thinking about all the concerts I’m hoping to attend this summer…it just seems like I’ll be sitting in the stands in a sundress, clutching a new concert t-shirt in no time at all.

As 2018 was winding down, we were getting word of all kinds of new music coming out in the New Year. Some of it is confirmed like the new Hayes Carll, out on Feb 15! Others were a bit more vague, like the Avett Brothers, with the new album coming, one song at a time. Some “announcements” were just casual “I’m working on it!” social media rumblings from artists like Esme Patterson and Ryan Adams. I don’t doubt there will be plenty of new music from people I wouldn’t expect to be working on new things. There will also be completely new artists that will enter my world, which is probably the most exciting kind of new music. There’s nothing quite like that endorphin rush of hearing something new that you can’t believe you’ve lived without for so long.

But, for now, I’ll concentrate on what I can get my hands on. I am eagerly anticipating new albums from these artists as I put the few available singles on endless repeat:

Mandolin OrangeTides of a Teardrop, out Feb 1: I can be much more a lyrics person at times and “Golden Embers” gives me goosebumps.

David GrayGold in a Brass Age, out March 8: The 2 available songs have a springtime sunrise feel about them, quietly light and happy.

The Raconteurs – No album, no release date, just 2 singles: Both songs remind me of harder, psychedelic Beatles. I was expecting something a bit more Americana/Country sounding but that’s the beauty of Jack White. You kind of don’t know which side of him you’ll get with each project, but it’s usually solid.

Hope your 2019 is starting peacefully and you’re staying warm! 😀

~ Michelle

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