WUMB May Program Guide

What Is “The SAMW Experience?”

You may have seen or heard the phrase, “the SAMW experience,” and wondered exactly what it means. Well, the simplest, most literal meaning is, a week spent in a beautiful, wooded setting on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, learning and making music with old friends, new friends, and world-class professional musicians.

But there are so many more parts to “the SAMW experience.” There is the satisfaction that comes from deepening your relationship with your music, in whatever way and at whatever level. There can be the thrill of performance, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a total beginner. And that goes along with the joy of being in the audience for those performances — from pro instructors to first-time campers — and sharing each other’s music. There are dances, with the opportunity to experience folk music with your whole body! There are workshops in which you can get a quick immersion into a type of music or an instrument that’s new to you, or that you’ve been curious about. There is the daily radio broadcast, where the instructors perform in a different, more intimate setting. And there is much more that goes on every day that contributes to the overall “experience.”

But finally, it’s possible that what people mean more than anything else when they talk about “the SAMW experience” is the sense of community and the depth of the friendships that develop during your SAMW week. People who begin the week as strangers can end the week as friends for life — our annual January “meetup and jam” began in part as a way to give campers the opportunity to get together without having to wait an entire year!

Whatever your reason for coming to SAMW, we can guarantee that by the end of the week you will understand “the SAMW experience” from the inside out, and then YOU can be one of the campers telling other people about it! If the idea of this kind of summer vacation experience appeals to you, please act quickly — there are only a few spaces left for our August week, and our July week is filling up very fast. You can get all of the details for the 2019 SAMW camp weeks and register online by visiting the SAMW website, or call 617-287-6915 and reserve your spot.

We hope that you’ll come and experience SAMW with us!

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