WUMB November Program Guide

A Deep Shade Of Blue Is Always There

Meteorological Winter ends on March 1 and somehow my body can sense that winter is over. As soon as the calendar flips over from February, I get a major sense of relief despite whatever weather is blowing around outside.

Even though lots of things were happening this past month, including our special programming for International Women’s Day, my biggest highlight was meeting you! In early March, I went to our Member Event with Dervish at the Belleville Church in Newburyport. Then, a couple of weeks later, I sat in the pledge room, taking calls for our Spring Fundraiser. No matter how many members, volunteers, or listeners I meet, I always think the same thing, “These are MY people!”. It’s great to jump immediately into a conversation about first concerts, the best places to see live shows, new artists, favorite albums, and know that I’m talking to people who love music just as much as I do.

Some other high points of the month: Summer & Fall concert announcements and new music releases.

I’m still sorting out my live music list but I am hoping to see Jim James, Wilco, & Jenny Lewis this summer. Right now, I have tickets for Hozier and the Texas Piano Man himself, Robert Ellis. You probably aren’t surprised to know I’m really going to see Robert Ellis for the showmanship and the white suit…I already know the music is going to be good !

New things I can’t stop listening to:
Jenny LewisOn the Line: Solid alt country album that speaks to the modern female experience.
Our Native DaughtersSongs of Our Native Daughters: There’s a bibliography in the liner notes to learn more about these stories and I am loading up my library queue.

Before I go, I just want to tip my hat to Scott Walker. I hadn’t listened to his music in very long time until I heard he passed. His music with The Walker Brothers and his solo stuff still sounds as fresh as it did when I first heard him many years ago.

Until next month – stay well and warm.

~ Michelle


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