WUMB November Program Guide

The New England Folk Festival

Friends, it’s spring.  You know how I know this?  Not by the weather, to be sure!  But because the New England Folk Festival is rolling around again.

It seems like there are lot more things to do than there used to be.  We have more technology, more leisure time (what am I saying?  I’m busy as heck!).  But that’s just a long way of saying that it would do your soul good to go the New England Folk Festival (https://www.neffa.org/)   If you like dancing, to do or to watch, there’s a ton of that.  There are singalongs, workshops of every stripe, crafts bazaars, Morris dance exhibitions, and more, from all corners of the globe.  My bands (the Dixie Butterhounds and Planet Banjo) will be there performing when needed, and jamming when not.  Look for us in the hallways!  Or, good Lord willing, outdoors picking!  Spring can be fickle in New England.

A great big thank you to everyone who helped support the Dixie Bee Line during our spring fund-raiser… you’re the greatest!   I’m so glad I get to share my obsession with you all.

Happy Spring.

With love,

~ Jon G.

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