WUMB May Program Guide

Hello Blackbird, Hello Starling, Winter’s Over, Be My Darling

April has always been one of my favorite months. Usually, the snow is gone and the trees turn green. The whole idea of knowing that I won’t need to leave the house with a coat on a regular basis at some point soon makes me so happy.

One of the other things that I love about April is Record Store Day. If you’ve seen any pictures of my apartment on social media, you’ll know that my place is filled with lots of “collectible” things from my years in music and traveling. Any time I catch wind of “limited edition,” “one off,” or “numbered,” I’m like Pavlov’s Dog, surreptitiously on my phone trying to assess the availability, price point, & projected happiness generated by procuring said item. Upon thinking about this more, I probably should set up a matrix of price vs. happiness. My $6 box of Little Feminist magnets consistently bring me more daily joy than my $8000 car…but that’s another post for another day.

Anyway, I did sneak out to my favorite independent record store on Record Store Day to procure some 3-inch records for my 8-band record player. Unfortunately, they did not have any 3-inch records, forcing me to comb the interwebs for the Jack White/Third Man Record vinyl offerings. I want them but I am not sure if I want them enough to justify the resale asking price. Stay tuned for my final decision.

However, there was plenty of new music in April to distract me from financial conundrums. My favorites so far from April:

Josh RitterFever Breaks: I’ve always loved Josh’s writing and hearing him present lyrics with a heavier sound is really cool. I’ve always loved Jason Isbell’s rock sound and to hear that combined with sweet/emotional/introspective/observational lyrics is a total win for me.

John Paul WhiteThe Hurting Kind: When I heard that John’s son starting crying when he heard the lyrics to “The Long Way Home”, I knew I had to hear more (back story: the little boy thought John had written it about “taking a long time to come home when he has to work”, i.e. being on tour). The rest of the album reflects that kind of evocative songwriting. Some critics have felt that the production was a bit too much for the lyrics but I think it sounds good. Also, I love the simple, retro feel of the cover art.

Aside from the April releases, I still can’t stop listening to J.S. Ondara and Our Native Daughters. I’m very much looking forward to the new Mavis Staples & Ben Harper album coming out in May…as well as the unofficial beginning of Summer Concert Season.

Until then…stay warm & out of the rain.


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