WUMB May Program Guide

May Flowers on WUMBs Morning Show

May is one of the most exciting 31 days of the year as far as important music-related birthdays go. As a radio host and producer I become giddy when I see a list of names like we have to dig in to for the month: Judy Collins and Little Walter (5/1), Pete Seeger and James Brown (5/3), Robert Johnson (5/8), Donovan (5/10), Stevie Wonder (5/13), Big Joe Turner (5/18), Pete Townsend (5/19), Bob Dylan (5/24), T-Bone Walker, Gladys Knight, and John Fogerty (5/28). The list goes on! All of these artists and their work will be featured on WUMB, either during the weekday or weekend programming. Sometimes both!

Let me tell you what I particularly look forward to on the Morning Show.
Pete Seeger (5/3): This year marks the centennial of the birth of the most-impactful of American folk singers and activists. We’ll begin a daylong (stretching into the weekend) celebration of Seeger with our Daily Reflection feature at 6:25 AM. We’ll continue with more at several points through the whole show, too, including This Day in Music History at 7:25 AM.
Robert Johnson (5/8): As an angsty teenager I used to go to go to bed with Robert Johnson’s Complete Recordings playing on my stereo. To say I adore Robert Johnson records is an understatement. We’ll explore some of his 1930’s sessions and highlight why they are so important (and so good!).
Bob Dylan (5/24): Dylan is THE touchstone for all that came after him and a synthesis of all that came before. There’s a reason WUMB can fill 16 hours with nothing but Dylan-related songs (with plenty leftover!) The Morning Show will kick off this year’s Day of Dylan: all Bob Dylan songs, all day beginning at 6 AM.

I can’t wait! These three artists cover a bulk of what you and I love about American music, and it’s an honor to share their songs, recordings, and stories on the air. Most radio stations can’t do that, but WUMB can because of your support.

Thank you.

~ Brendan

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