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Springtime Blues

I came home from work the other day, and all of a sudden the forsythias were all in bloom.  Next day, I came home from work and the trees were all budded out.  Yes, I’m ready for spring.  I hope some of you got down to the New England Folk Festival last month, that was a lot of fun.  We scored excellent weather all weekend, and got to have our jam sessions outdoors, a real stroke of luck.  April can be fickle in New England.  One of my bands, Planet Banjo, hosted a “honky tonk sing-along” which was pleasantly crowded with happy people singing, as it turned out, a lot of Buck Owens, Webb Pierce, even some Bob Wills (“My Window Faces the South”).  My older band, the Dixie Butterhounds, played for a big-hall square dance, called by Ron Buchanon.  It’s really satisfying to watch people dancing to your music.  It shows that you’re “in the groove,” which feels really good.  I guess that’s why we do it.  We used to play for a troupe of clog dancers (a traditional southern American step dance), but they’ve all kind of moved on, alas.  A good clog dancer provides a rhythm track to old-time country music that just can’t be beat.

We played at the Cantab Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge (as we often do on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month) and a very nice couple named Bruce and Pat came to listen, it was really nice to meet them (they listen to the show).

So music, lots of it.  I hope you get to join me some Saturdays for the Dixie Bee Line, because we will have some fun with the good old stuff.  Yes, and some modern bands with that old time sensibility, such as Caleb Klauder, from the west coast.  And if you haven’t heard some of the new stuff coming out of Lafayette Louisiana lately, well, you’re missing out.  Tune in Saturday nights from 9 – Midnite Eastern time, or online at wumb.org.  Email me or call in requests!   jon.gersh@umb.edu

~ Jon

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